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If you're looking for great guitar lessons you've come to the right place. Our ReallyLearnGuitarTM Online and DVD beginner and advanced guitar lessons have been sold literally all over the world to hundreds of satisfied guitar students. We believe our 12-hour guitar course to be the best value around.

The Really Learn GuitarTM lessons 12-hour video course content is complete in every way and has an accompanying 124-page e-book. It also comes with a Bonus Lesson. Adobe Acrobat® Reader®   is required for both. Adobe Acrobat® Reader® can be downloaded for free here.

Learn At Your Own Pace

The guitar course allows you to learn at your own pace with an actual guitar instructor, Jeff Vanderwarren, in the comfort of your living room in front of your TV or computer. Our guitar lessons will teach you all the necessary skills for you to be able to play the music you want to play.

All Your Questions Answered

As you progress through all of the guitar lessons, Jeff anticipates your questions and answers them. The course utilizes an extensive collection of extreme close-ups, charts, split-screens, and play-along jam tracks. You will learn about technique, chords, scales and rhythm. The result will be your ability to make your hands do what you want them to, and you'll develop a terrific understanding of why music works.

Learn Guitar Chord Secrets

The secrets of guitar chord formulas will be revealed so you'll never need a chord diagram book, again! Great guitar players didn't memorize 9,000 chords. They know how and why they work, and we'll teach you, too. Understanding how to play in key, create melody, and understand how all the parts of playing music fit together are all included.

If you don't need the entire 8-Level course, you can buy just the downloadable levels you need.


The entire course covers the following topics, and more:

In The Bonus Lesson -

.... and much more!

Check out the details of what's included in each of the 8 Levels. It's all there!

Check out how safe and easy it is to signup and start learning.

Guitar Maintenance & Tech Tips

DIY projects, guitar maintenance, using your gear, etc. Go to Guitar Maintenance & Tech Tips.......

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Have you ever wondered how to easily learn more about guitar playing tips, techniques and theory without spending years to figure it all out? Well, here's your chance to learn all the things no one ever tells you. The 43 'Jeff's Tips' Guitar Lessons are the easy way to fast-track your playing. Learn More about Jeff's Tips'.......

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'From Garage to Gig'TMVideos

If you are like us, you not only play in the band, but you have to manage the band's live sound, too.

When we were starting out, nobody would help us figure out what we needed to do. That's why we produced this video. Don't get ripped-off. Learn about live sound equipment........

Ear Training Audio Course

Have you had trouble learning to play your favorite songs? When you jam with friends do you get lost because you can't figure out what everyone else is playing? Don't despair. It's happened to everyone. This is a common problem, and it's fixable with our Ear Training Audio Course!

Free Guitar Lessons

Our free on-line tutorials should help you understand some topics that may have been causing you some problems. Get some free guitar lessons.......

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